Saturday, January 4, 2014

Wiser, Worthier, Wealthier 2014

Here we are,at the beginning of a New Year! I hope you had a fabulous holiday season, filled with all your heart's desires, and have started this New Year off the way you wanted! I was blessed to spend New Year's Eve day with my family in Fort McMurray, then flew home to beautiful Victoria and brought in the New Year with a glorious walk beside the ocean. Quite a dramatic temperature change from -36 to +6!!!

A new year means new beginnings to me. Whether you start off setting goals, intentions, resolutions or a theme for the new year, or carry on as is, I am delighted to offer you a great FREE telesummit to add some inspiration to the start of this new year. If you are looking forward to a wiser, worthier and wealthier 2014,you don't want to miss this! Join Wendy Howard and me for a very special FREE virtual summit 'Wiser, Worthier & Wealthier' taking place on Wed January 15th. It's all recorded so you don't miss anything - and you get immediate access to all the free gifts when you sign in.

Here's the fantastic line up of speakers and some of what you will discover: Lucy Whittington- 'Being a Business Celebrity - Find your thing and get famous for it'. Lucy will enlighten your world with her energy and passion for getting you to find your thing and how to monetize in your business- even if you are just starting out.

Tina Sibley- Motivational Speaker, Public Speaking Trainer & Coach. Tina will help you to get noticed and recognized as an expert in your field, and how to stand up and take the spotlight - which can be a challenge for women.

Wilma Allan- the Money Midwife- discover your money type which rules how you manage money- and how to gain a healthier, wealthier and worthier you!

Kimberley Lovell- a Spiritual Intuitive, Healer and Holistic Business Mentor- discover how to shift blocks and transform your consciousness on all levels.

Slavika Bogdanov- will take you through the transformational journey from career to successful entrepreneur.

Sheila Paxton- discover why your personal relationships are the most difficult to live intentionally (on purpose) and why.

Wendy Howard- will enlighten you with a short session on Business Angels- and making the connection to a wealthier and worthier you.

Norma Reid- the Queen or Relationship Kharma- attracting happiness, increasing worthiness and stop being a victim of circumstances.

And more -(sign up and get your free gifts right now and you'll be guaranteed recordings too) so don't miss out. Just add your name and primary email address-and get off to wiser, worthier and wealthier 2014! 

Wishing you a New Year filled with love, wealth, worth, wisdom and laughter!

Until next time, Be good to yourself! YOU are your greatest asset!

Norma Reid, Life Coach and Trainer

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